Classroom = Office

We intentionally make kids' classroom and our office the SAME one, so that we can take care of (supervising) them while working.

Luckily our study room is quite spacious. We put two computer desks, two ergonomic chairs, a kid's table, and two kids' chairs in the study room.

Ariel and Teagan do their assignments, read books, use tablets and even make crafts here in the classroom/office.

We use a trolley for stationery. They can find pencils, erasers, crayons, scissors, etc on the trolley. Two benefits of using a trolley -- it's easy to move (they do doodling or painting outside the classroom sometimes), and it's very organized as we store different types of stationery at different layers.

Since they use tablets during some classes, we have a charging station in the room so all the tablets will be charged fully after each use.

We do have a clock hung on the window so that kids (at least Ariel) can tell the time. However Teagan doesn't know how to read clocks yet, so this little tool has proven to be very helpful: timer!

We just simply turn the knob on the clock, and it will start counting down. The clock will "beep" when the time's up. So that kids know it's time to move on to the next schedule.

This storage cabinet contains all the study and craft materials we prepared for classes. I'll give more introduction to them in later posts if we use them.


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