Reward System

Plenty of evidence shows that when parents learn how to use positive feedback and rewards, their kids’ behavior improves.

Before homeschooling, we've been using reward system that Ariel and Teagan can collect "stars" or "flowers" to exchange for rewards.

We hung these boards in the bedroom. We evaluate what they've done each day before they go to bed.

During this time, I will ask them questions like "Did you show consideration?" and "why?" I noticed that they learned to pay more attention to what they're doing through this daily practice. 

They could be punished by taking back their collected stars/flowers if they misbehave. They learned to be responsible to their own behavior through this exercise.

Moreover, if they perform really well, we do give them more than one star/flower for each action/behavior.

I read some articles and books on how to setup a good reward system. Some of them encouraged to use non-monetary rewards. But it's too much for us since we're both working full-time. Also some suggested rewards like activities with parents, e.g. going to a movie, bike riding, but I actually think that's weird. I don't think my kids need to be awarded in order to do activities with me. We take them for various types of activities, and rewards should be something that we will not give to them if they don't work on it.

So we've chosen the other way -- we purchased the stuff that they liked, or allowed them to pick themselves if we went out shopping together. And we labeled these items with the number of stars / flowers to use to exchange for.

From my experience, the key to a successful reward system is to be consistent.
Habits can not be formed in a day. You should keep this exercise (evaluate behavior, collect stars and exchange for rewards) EVERYDAY!

We brought these reward boards with us even during travels. 😂


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